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The Growing Popularity of Online Military Surplus Store

A military surplus store is a place where you’ll find military goods and clothing, ones that were purchased by the military in excess and couldn’t be used or used military equipment. These stores also stock equipment that is past its expiry date. A military surplus store stocks a huge collection of military products that are purchased by soldiers as well as army enthusiasts.

Though traditionally surplus stores have operated in the brick and mortar form, they are increasingly expanding their operations online. Moreover, online surplus stores are springing up each day. As the world is flocking to the internet for networking, shopping and talking, surplus stores too are making a move to claim their own digital space. For the lovers of army goods and the collectors, such stores can be a paradise in terms of the variety of goods and antique products they offer. For the sceptics, these stores provide high quality and durable products only. Low quality products are periodically weeded out and only the best of equipments are offered to buyers. Also, these products are available at affordable prices that don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Military Surplus Stores in USA

An army clothing store online will usually offer products like military clothing, footwear, camping equipment, fishing and hunting equipment, sleeping bags, duffel bags, tents, Belleville combat boots, aviator jackets for both men and women. These stores also offer clothing and footwear for kids, kitchen equipment, blankets, cots, rain gear, rucksacks, backpacks, shoulder bags and a lot more. Because of their pocket-friendly prices, army clothing stores online are a hit with customers who look for value for money products. These customers prefer products from military stores to commercial stores selling their goods at exorbitant prices.

American Equipage is a military surplus store with both offline and online operations. It is based in New York and is established as a provider of good quality and long-lasting military equipment. It provides clothing options for both and women and specializes in international shipping. It is also known for its heavy-duty and affordable camping equipment. American Equipage has excellent customer service and can be trusted with all your military product needs.

History of Altama Combat Boots

 History Altama combat Boots

Altama has been providing their Military spec Altama boots to the United States military, services agencies, military schools as well as Special Forces and police department’s for decades.  They were founded in 1969 in Darien, Georgia. In the beginning they were producing children’s shoes but they eventually converted their production to military boot wear during the Vietnam War. At that time, they created Altama boots that were olive green jungle boots specifically designed to support the needs of our soldiers fighting in extreme tropical weather conditions. These Altama Combat boots were the perfect protection to help our troops handle the hot, humid weather conditions they had to endure during the Vietnam War.  These jungle boots were also longer lasting, durable and comfortable than the typical all weather combat boots. They offered a wider width and more toe room for extreme comfort, which has helped them remain popular with the military as well as outdoorsmen.

Altama desert boots were originally designed for Desert Storm (1990 – 1991) after General Norman Schwarzkopf’s chose them for the troops.  They were specifically designed to protect our soldiers against intensely hot desert conditions and due to the fact that Altama boots were known for their quality and durability.

After Desert Storm, in 1991, Altama created a collection of high performance combat boot styles especially for civilian use implementing their well-known Panama sole. This boot wear combines all the exceptional design features of their military spec Altama boots, using the same expertise they use when designing all their footwear.

As our soldiers began facing more challenges, particularly during road marches that required more traction, they started to take their boots to shoe repairs and resoling them with “saw tooth” undersides. To support their needs, Altama began producing authentic Ripple Sole Boots in 1993.  They were also the first company to make these Altama boots available to civilians.  It is also a known fact that long after our soldiers have completed their service to the country; most of them continue to wear Altama boots because of their memories of their comfort and durability.

Recently Altama introduced their Panamoc® series; this comfortable footwear was created to catch the attention of the women and men within the armed service divisions. This footwear was designed for optimal comfort when boots aren’t necessary or for off duty wear.  Altama designed these shoes with the same high quality standards and superior durability that they did their Altama boots.  They are also slip resistance, provide great traction and have the same state of the art comfort.

For 40 years, Altama has supported the U.S. military as they fought through the jungles, deserts and mountains.  Today they continue to design and manufacture more than 20 different types of Altama boots and footwear, from steel toe boots, desert boots, and exospeed boots as well as comfortable footwear for after duty use as well as civilian use.  They are exported around the globe bringing their high performance abilities to all.  American Equipage Carries the entire line of Altama. Come $AVE.

No ‘break-in’ Belleville Combat Boots

Time and Time again, my customers tell me what Belleville combat boots

do for them.  1 benefit keeps repeating it self among all the others.  The

‘No break-in’ period of time.  I found it worth taking a minute out to share

this with my customers.   These testimonials come from out soldiers s most of

whom are serving in Iraq or Afghanistan.   Comments like, ” these boots are

lightweight and comfortable and required no break-in period” CW04  Alan S.

He was issued a pair of 220 Trop ST.


from Peter. D from Iraq, and Army chopper pilot. ” The 340 DES

with out a doubt is the most comfortable boot instantly out of the box”

I can relay many more here, my effort is just to assure all my customers,

that any Belleville Boots will impress you with it immediate comfort.

Remember American Equipage Carries them all.

Belleville combat boots introduces the ‘Maintainer Boot’

American Equipage is pleased to announce the stocking of Belleville boots
latest model, the Maintainer Boot,TR636CT – AF Sage Green .  This boot is equipped with a
safety toe that is a composite material vice a traditional cramped metallic one.  This toe
is roomy and comfortable. High quality overlays are installed on front and back to
give the boot an extra long life.  The best part is the cushioning, this is definitly a 12 hour shoe,
for those of you that need to stay on your feet for an extended period.  Belleville combat boots are at the forfront of combat boot technology.  The entire line can view at Belleville boots at American Equipage.

the 55tr636, Maintainer Boot, combat boots

The Maintainer Boot by Belleville Combat Boots

Leather Bomber Jackets at American Equipage

Leather Bomber Jacket by Cockpit USA
Wear the same Leather Bomber Jacket Tom Cruise wore in TOP GUN

We all change a little when we put a leather jacket on.  We believe this is a postive thing especially when you place a high quality leather jacket on with a proud heritage.  These are the jackets of choice here at American Equipage.  We carry 2 lines of leather bomber jackets,  Cockpit USA & Alpha industries jackets.  Both companies are official US Government contratory making current issue leather jackets for the US Navy, US Coast Guard & US Airforce.  Thier Mil-spec history and therefore tooling & infrastructure make them the only real choice to provide for our customers.  Both these groups have a line of historic reproductions that are true to the originals.  WWII reproductions make up a large portion of these & all are absolutely stunning. Come see them all at leather Bomber Jacket at American Equipage be sure also to consider some footwear to complete the look like Belleville Combat Boots or Altama Combat BootsBelleville Combat Boots

Lets talk about the Belleville Desert Combat boot

The Belleville TR360 Khyber tactical boot

The newest Belleville Tan Desert Tactical Combat Boot

As we all have been well aware of our troops have been tasked

with a hurculean responsibility to put it lightly.  These brave troops

have been placed in harms way for a decade.  Through this chaos

and extreme design demands Belleville combat boots have created

absolutely the finest line of Desert combat boots.  A glance at the line

will impress you instantly, From the tactical line such as The

Paladin, KIOWA and Khyber boot.  These were added the existing

310 hot weather tactical boot.  We find these boots extremely comfortable

and like to call them 12 hour boots.  Super for camping, working

and hiking.  The main line combat boots are models like

the Belleville 300 DES, 340 DES & 390 DES are great for

everyday wear.  Belleville boots have also been tasked to

introduce safety toe or steel toe boots.  Many models

are available, these include the famous Belleville 550 ST, this

is the USMC official combat boot.  Other specialty steel toe boots

are designed for flight deck use, and other are made with heavy

insulation.   The innovations for combat can really be put to

peaceful uses.  That’s a good direction.  We want our troopers

to all come home safe.  Come see the entire line of Belleville boots

patriotically priced at

Belleville comabat boots at American Equipage

We are certainly proud of our relationship with Belleville, just behind the US

Military, we are largest distributor of these fine military combat boots in the

country.   We enjoy offering this brand of premium footwear to our customers.

Many soldiers & hard-working or hard playing people come visit us for products they know they can trust.  Please come visit us and view the entire line of Belleville boots.   Click for Belleville boots at

Flight Jackets at American Equipage

Dear Friends,  We have thought to offer our line of flight jackets

to the market in an affordable way.  These days we are constantly told

how happy our customer are at our approach, keep the price in range of

reason.  Well we are glad to.  The Cockpit USA line is priced at lowest possible

armed with free shipping as well.  You will also find great pricing on our

Alpha industries jackets as well.   To Focus a bit, we will ‘zero-in’ on 1 jacket

here.  Cockpit USA actually locates older lambskin for this jacket.   It has

natural time wear giving it the worn in look.  Over time the patina begins to

fade giving it even a more glorious look. Please take a look.

American Equipage now carries a line of products just for our troops.

Level III Assault PackAmerican Equipage is now carrying a line of items just for our troops that will make things easier for them while they are training or are deployed. We have items like belt pouches, ammo pouches, radio pouches, camouflage backpacks, like the one pictured at right, rifle slings, and many other military accessories. We will supply items from VooDoo Tactical, Major Surplus, Mil-Spec, Blackhawk, and many other great brands. Keep checking back for updates and newly added products. All priced great and viewable at For The Troops .

American Equipage Now offers the ENTIRE LINE of Cockpit USA Jackets

When it comes to aviation jackets, The name Cockpit USA comes to

mind to all in the know.  Formally know as Avirex jackets this company

specializes in leather flight jackets.  Iconic jackets like the b-3 bomber

jacket and the navy G-1, also know as the Top Gun Jacket, are all made

by Cockpit.  Many other WWII Era reproduction jackets are available

as well.  Like the Flying Tiger Jacket, and the classic A-2.  Don’t forget,

Cockpit is also the current military contract holder for the USAF

21 century A-2. Come see the all at americanequipage.comAs seen on Tom Cruise in the Movie Top Gun

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