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Lets talk about the Belleville Desert Combat boot

The Belleville TR360 Khyber tactical boot

The newest Belleville Tan Desert Tactical Combat Boot

As we all have been well aware of our troops have been tasked

with a hurculean responsibility to put it lightly.  These brave troops

have been placed in harms way for a decade.  Through this chaos

and extreme design demands Belleville combat boots have created

absolutely the finest line of Desert combat boots.  A glance at the line

will impress you instantly, From the tactical line such as The

Paladin, KIOWA and Khyber boot.  These were added the existing

310 hot weather tactical boot.  We find these boots extremely comfortable

and like to call them 12 hour boots.  Super for camping, working

and hiking.  The main line combat boots are models like

the Belleville 300 DES, 340 DES & 390 DES are great for

everyday wear.  Belleville boots have also been tasked to

introduce safety toe or steel toe boots.  Many models

are available, these include the famous Belleville 550 ST, this

is the USMC official combat boot.  Other specialty steel toe boots

are designed for flight deck use, and other are made with heavy

insulation.   The innovations for combat can really be put to

peaceful uses.  That’s a good direction.  We want our troopers

to all come home safe.  Come see the entire line of Belleville boots

patriotically priced at

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