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Belleville combat boots introduces the ‘Maintainer Boot’

American Equipage is pleased to announce the stocking of Belleville boots
latest model, the Maintainer Boot,TR636CT – AF Sage Green .  This boot is equipped with a
safety toe that is a composite material vice a traditional cramped metallic one.  This toe
is roomy and comfortable. High quality overlays are installed on front and back to
give the boot an extra long life.  The best part is the cushioning, this is definitly a 12 hour shoe,
for those of you that need to stay on your feet for an extended period.  Belleville combat boots are at the forfront of combat boot technology.  The entire line can view at Belleville boots at American Equipage.

the 55tr636, Maintainer Boot, combat boots

The Maintainer Boot by Belleville Combat Boots

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