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No ‘break-in’ Belleville Combat Boots

Time and Time again, my customers tell me what Belleville combat boots

do for them.  1 benefit keeps repeating it self among all the others.  The

‘No break-in’ period of time.  I found it worth taking a minute out to share

this with my customers.   These testimonials come from out soldiers s most of

whom are serving in Iraq or Afghanistan.   Comments like, ” these boots are

lightweight and comfortable and required no break-in period” CW04  Alan S.

He was issued a pair of 220 Trop ST.


from Peter. D from Iraq, and Army chopper pilot. ” The 340 DES

with out a doubt is the most comfortable boot instantly out of the box”

I can relay many more here, my effort is just to assure all my customers,

that any Belleville Boots will impress you with it immediate comfort.

Remember American Equipage Carries them all.

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